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About Us

The Summits of Canada Expedition is a learning project about Canada, our Environment, our health and most of all, about the highest points of each of our Provinces and Territories.

FREE to the entire K-12 community, the Summits of Canada Expedition uses the beauty of Canada and the exhilaration of climbing mountains as the vehicle with which teachers and students can gain an understanding of geography, science, technology, social studies and the various cultures of Canada.

By using the energy, effort and excitement of the Expedition, we will encourage people to become more active in their daily lives. Using the Expedition as an example of how every step that we take moves us closer towards our goals, we will show people how we can all move forward together towards a healthier life. Not every one will be able to climb to the summit of Mount Logan and the top of Canada, but through the Expedition, by taking "One Step at a Time", we will get there together.

We will centre our attention on environmental issues such as our Parks, climate change and glaciers. We are all in this together, and the process of sharing and learning about our world will enable everyone who takes part (Expedition members and viewers alike) to gain a higher level of understanding about how we can make our world a better place. And that is legacy worth striving for each day: to leave the world a healthier, wiser, happier and better place than we found it.

Together we can make a difference, "One Step at a Time", telling Canadians and the world about Canada.



CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition - Since 2006