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Climbing mountains, being part of nature, slowing the pace of the world down are some of the reasons why we are part of the Summits of Canada Expedition. We choose to be on the mountain and face the beauty around us, to be on the mountain and face the dangers knowing and not knowing what the next day will bring us. For all the preparation, the experience and equipment the one factor we can not control, the one factor we have no influence over, is the weather.

In each of Canada’s Provinces and Territories, the high points or summits range from valleys, plains, hills, mountains, tundra and glaciers. With elevations from 466 feet to 19,551 feet, the thirteen Summits of Canada are as diverse as the geography of our country. Within this diversity the Expedition will find temperatures from -40c to 25c, from snow storms to calm misty mornings. The weather we will encounter in our quest of the Summits of Canada is a showcase of nature’s beauty and the power of our elements.

Environment weather stations closest to the Summits:

Alberta - Mount Columbia: Three Sisters as well as Banff Live Web Cam

British Columbia - Fairweather Mountain:

 Manitoba - Baldy Mountain: Dauphin

New Brunswick - Mount Carleton: Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Newfoundland  & Labrador - Mount Caubvick: Nain

Northwest Territories - Un-named: Nahanni Butte

Nova Scotia - White Hill: North Mountain (Cape Breton)

Nunavut - Barbeau Peak: Eureka

Ontario - Ishpatina Range: Earlton, Temagami

Prince Edward Island - Glen Valley: Charlottetown

Quebec - Mount D'Iberville: Kuujjuaq

Saskatchewan - Cypress Hill: Cypress Hills

Yukon - Mount Logan: