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The "Big 3"

With any Expedition, the most important goal, and one that all actions performed by the Team centers around, is to return home safely. Reaching the summits is obviously a wonderful accomplishment, but in climbing, the journey is as important as the summit.

Along with our goal to reach the summits of all of Canada's Provinces and Territories, the Expedition has the three other main goals, appropriately named the "Big 3".

Measuring a Mountain

The measuring of the highest point in Ontario, Nunavut and Canada's highest mountain, Mount Logan using satellite technology.

Live from Logan

The first live televised broadcast from the top of Canada, on Mount Logan, to the people of Canada and the world.

The Un-Named Peak

The highest mountain in the Northwest Territories has no official name and is referred to as the "Un-named Peak". We are working with the Deh Cho and Nahanni Butte First Nations to find and give the highest mountain an official name.