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Follow The Climbs - Northwest Territories:
Un-named Peak (Mt. Nirvana)

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Nortwest Territories


Dave Custer's Team 2 Expedition Video
(Note - check out the Video Q & A section below)
"Dave and Susan go to the Northwest Territories With Eric and Rick."
Click the film strip below to view the video.
(Opens in a new window to the YouTube site.)
Click to view the video.
Length: 22 minutes
Video production: Dave Custer.
Photos, videos & animation: Dave Custer, Eric Gilbertson, Susan Ruff & Rick Taylor

Video - Questions
Have some fun and test your viewing/observational and memory skills.
Feel free to go back and watch the video again. (View link to answers below.)
1 - How many animals did you spot in the video? Can you name them all?
2 - What kind of device were the teams using to determine their location, and also keep in touch with the outside world?
3 - At 9:53 in the video, the team is playing a card game of Hearts. How many Hearts does Susan have in her hand?
4 - At 10:00, a white flower is shown. What kind of flower is it?
5 - At 10:15, the team has their gear laid out on a rock. How many pieces of equipment can you name?
6 - From 13:20 - 14:15, the team travels by helicopter again for an incredibly stunning and scenic flight over snow-capped mountains and glaciers, and through difficult and remote terrain. Where did they leave from and where did they land?
7 - What Canadian National Park did this expedition take place in?
8 - What First Nation territory does the expedition take place in?
9 - When taking off in the helicopter the first time (from Trans North in the Yukon), what direction was the basketball net pointing?
10 - What was your favourite part of the video?



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