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Meet The Team

The Summits Of Canada Team welcomes you and invites you to join us in a truly unique, challenging and exciting adventure. Follow us as we pursue our quest of reaching the summit of ALL 13 high-points in each and every Province and Territory in Canada.

The Summits of Canada Expedition and the 13 summits require a wide range of climbing and technical skills. The journey and the quest for each summit has been spread over many years, with more demanding trips that have ranged anywhere from 7 to 30+ days each. Weather windows and personal schedules have, of course, been key factors in determining who is able to join the group each year. As such, the team members have changed over time for this unique and exciting adventure-learning project.


James Coleridge - Expedition Leader
Summited McKinley, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro  
Altitude experience to 24,000’  
20 years climbing rock and ice in BC  
Small business award winner  
Former animation producer with Warner Bros. USA  
21 years as elected City Councillor in White Rock, British Columbia  
International, National award and competition winner 2010  

Len Vanderstar - Expedition Coordinator
Climbs include: North Face Mount Athabasca – night time winter ascent, Mount Ida/Sir Alexandra Range, North couloir ascent of Brian Boru, SSW Ridge Mount Robson, Mount Rainier  
Alpine Club of Canada Trip Leader  
Experienced ice climber  
Experienced white-water rafter and canoer  
First Aid Co-ordinator and ambulance attendant  
Habitat Protection Biologist for the BC Ministry of Environment  

The following lists represent the team members for each climb.
Note: Team members are listed in alphabetical order by first name.
Check out the Follow The Climbs section for more details about each expedition.


1 - Alberta 10 - PEI
Mt. Columbia - 1st Attempt
Glen Valley
(June, 2006) (May, 2012)
James Coleridge James Coleridge
Len Vanderstar Len Vanderstar
Melissa Welsh  
Scott Fiddes 11 - Nova Scotia
Shawn Fearing White Hill
Will Cadell (May, 2012)
  James Coleridge
2 - Alberta Len Vanderstar
Mt. Columbia - 2nd Attempt  
(August, 2006) 12 - Northwest Territories
James Coleridge Un-named Peak - 1st Attempt
Len Vanderstar (July, 2013)
Will Cadell Brian Friedrich
  James Coleridge
3 - Ontario Len Vanderstar
Ishpatina Ridge  
(September, 2006) 13 - Newfoundland/Labrador/Quebec
James Coleridge Mt. Caubvick & D'Iberville
Jessica Pearson (August, 2014)
Len Vanderstar Brian Friedrich
Melissa Welsh Laura Friedrich
Shawn Fearing Len Vanderstar
Will Cadell  
  14 - Manitoba
4 - Manitoba Mt. Baldy
Mt. Baldy Brigitte Beauregard
(December, 2006) Len Vanderstar
Anna Coleridge Michel Theriault
James Coleridge Qasim Warnick
Yoda Coleridge (woof)  
  15 - Alberta
5 - Yukon Territory Mt. Columbia
Mt. Logan - 1st Attempt (May, 2015)
(May, 2007) Len Vanderstar
Adam Burrell Marc Aymerich
Andy Traslin Marta Coletas Vegas
Catherine Ranger Michel Theriault
Danylo Darewych Brigitte Beauregard
James Coleridge  
Josh Lazzari 16 - Northwest Territories
Len Vanderstar Un-named Peak - 2nd Attempt
Mike Traslin (July, 2015)
Samantha O’Carroll Barry Watson
Shawn Fearing Dave Custler
Stephanie Falz Eric Gilbertson
Travis Hunt Greg Slayden
Urszula Tokarska Lana Pflugbeil
  Len Vanderstar
6 - Yukon Territory Luke Weyman
Mount Logan - 2nd Attempt Marc Aymerich
(June, 2008) Rick Taylor
James Coleridge Ron Vanderstar
Len Vanderstar Shelley Browne
  Susan Ruff
7 - British Columbia  
Fairweather 17 - Northwest Territories
(June, 2009) Thunder Mountain (Mt. Nirvana)
James Coleridge (June, 2016)
Len Vanderstar Eric Gilbertson
  Len Vanderstar
8 - Saskatchewan Luke Weyman
Cypress Hills Ron Vanderstar
(November, 2011)  
James Coleridge 18 - Nunavut
Len Vanderstar Barbeau Peak
  (June, 2017)
9 - New Brunswick Eric Gilbertson
Mount Carleton Brian Friedrich
(May, 2012) Laura Friedrich
James Coleridge Len Vanderstar
Len Vanderstar Serge Massad

Experienced climbers are being considered for upcoming Expeditions.
If you would like to join or help the Expedition, .