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Expedition Values & Goals

The Expedition has eight (8) principal values and goals:

1 -
To make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.
2 -
To put the first Canadians on top of the "high-point" of every province and territory in the country.
3 -
To foster a healthier Canada by encouraging children and adults across the nation to become more physically active.
4 -
To deliver the first live broadcast from the top of Canada, "Live from Logan".
5 -
To scientifically measure the height of Mount Logan, Fairweather Mountain, Barbeau Peak and the Ishpatina Ridge.
6 -
To offer educational learning opportunities to teachers and students around the Expedition.
7 -
To film and photograph the provincial and territorial summit expeditions, and to share the human and geographical stories through photograph and film.
8 -
To educate about "Climate Change" and to promote environmentally friendly "Leave No Trace Principles".

The legacy of this quest is not the footprints we will leave on the mountains, but the impact on people's lives. Together we can make a difference.