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Get Active

The Summits of Canada Expedition is about helping you become more active in your daily life. It does not matter how old you are, where you live, if you are round or thin, athletic or not, we want you to get moving! Like climbing mountains and getting healthy it really takes ‘One Step at a Time.’

Whether you are planning to climb to the top of Canada on Mount Logan or simply wanting to be a little healthier, you have taken the first step. It takes a commitment to engage in regular physical activity and we hope that our Expedition of walking, biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing and trekking we will encourage you in the right direction.

Today, two-thirds of Canadians are inactive and this presents a serious threat to our public health care system. We know that physical inactivity is bad for your health and even light or moderate physical activity can improve your health. Take the stairs, go for a walk or a hike, play with the family outdoors - these are all wonderful ways to get active and get started. (Please note, if you currently have any health concerns or issues, we advise you to consult with your doctor before choosing and/or beginning a physical fitness program to determine the best activity suited to your present condition.)

With Canada setting a new national target to increase physical activity by 10% in every Province and Territory by 2010, it's going take individual efforts by each of us in our lives and with our families to realize this goal. With our Team climbing the highest point of every Province and Territory, we are providing an example and are challenging individuals across Canada to take a step towards a healthier life.

The first step you might take is to join a program being offered in your Province or Territory, in your City, at your office, your community centre, health club or school. And if you would like to come with us on our Expedition to the top of Canada on Mount Logan, join the 'Stairway to Health' program by using stairs to get active and keep pace virtually with the Expedition Team.

Together we can make a difference, but you must get moving literally by taking the first step and continuing to a healthier and more active lifestyle ‘One Step at a Time.”

Federal Initiatives
Stairway to Health
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Guides

Provincial Initiatives
Alberta – Healthy U
British Columbia – Active Communities
Manitoba – Get Moving
Ontario – Active 2010
Prince Edward Island – Active Living Alliance
Saskatchewan – In Motion