The Motivating Factor: Often, the hardest part of exercise is getting off the couch and out the door. Changing the silly mental game you play over and over in your mind every day is usually the key that unlocks the door to your fitness potential.

Stop making excuses, get out the door, and the rest will take care of itself! Don't even think of the workout or exercise you're about to do; just think of getting out the door as the task that needs to be accomplished.
The Progress Factor: Improving the health and fitness of each of us, whether we are climbing Mount Logan or simply taking part in some regular aerobic exercise, has tremendous physical as well as mental benefits. You may find that you feel tired or lethargic at first, but you will notice very soon that you will develop increased energy and a more positive outlook that carries over to many other parts of your life.


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Active Schools

Throughout Canada and the world there is a desire to encourage everyone to become more active and to lead healthier lifestyles. CanaTREK brings together a world of adventure, technology and education and has created an exciting new tool for teachers, students and even parents to become active while learning about Canada and the world.

Our ‘Active Schools’ program gives students a chance to learn about geography, science and health by following our ‘live’ expeditions as they happen. The program also enables you to keep track of your own daily activities, whether it's climbing mountains, hiking, walking, stair climbing or joining a fitness program. You can listen to audio clips and view remote places and high mountains in a virtual setting. And you can even compare your daily activities as you "virtually" climb the same locations. Right from the classroom, the office or your home, you can follow CanaTREK’s real-time explorations and even use your own daily activities to follow and keep up with the team as they head to exciting places like Mount Logan (the top of Canada) and Fairweather Mountain (the highest mountain in British Columbia, Canada).

Learning and being active has never been so fun! And whether it's to get to the top of Canada on Mount Logan, or to reach your own fitness goals, it all starts with that first step. Get your classroom and your school involved today in CanaTREK’s ‘Active Schools’ program.

CanaTREK's Summits Of Canada Team is setting a great example for fellow Canadians to engage in a healthier and more active lifestyle, so get moving and get active. Come explore the Province of British Columbia, Canada and the world right from your computer to the mountains, the glaciers and many incredible natural settings with our team of explorers. You are on the journey of a lifetime and we thank you for helping us ‘To tell Canadians and the world about Canada – One Step At A Time.”

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(Our apologies - this progam has been deactivated til further notice.)

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Active Schools Program &
Activity Challenges

(Our apologies - this progam has been deactivated til further notice.)

Get Moving, Get Active, Stay Active