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Higher Learning

In the area of education, teachers and students have the world at their fingertips (keyboards) with traditional books and chalkboards being augmented or even replaced each year with computer and online-based courses and lessons. More and more, the world of education becomes increasingly challenging with technology pushing the boundaries for learning and entertainment. No longer is a text book enough; with computer-based training students are learning more quickly, teachers are being more innovative, and the world around us is shrinking.

Higher learning is about bringing the world of climbing high mountains to the classrooms throughout Canada and around the world. With advanced communications technologies, it is about bringing the incredible experience of standing atop a mountain with panoramic views in every direction right into the classroom. Our Higher Learning section is about using the excitement of a major Expedition and a modern Adventure to captivate the interest and to encourage the natural curiosity of the student to learn more about various subjects in a way not possible through a simple text book. Here you will find lesson plans, libraries, shared class projects and other exciting ways to reach out to other classrooms around the world to share knowledge, to create new friends, and to learn more about a wide variety of topics.

Explore the world of 'Higher Learning' through the Summits of Canada; it is an adventure that will change your life forever.