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Student Expeditions

The Summits of Canada Expedition is about the exploration and discovery of one of the greatest countries in the world - Canada. With interest around Canada and the world for students to participate in the Expedition we are currently looking into organizing student expeditions for some of the summits.

Of the 13 Provincial and Territorial summits there is a wide range of difficulty and technical skills needed from technical glacier travel to gentle hikes. For our student expeditions there are four summits which offer an opportunity for students to participate:

  • Manitoba Baldy Mountain
  • Nova Scotia White Hill
  • Ontario Ishpatina Range
  • Prince Edward Island Glen Valley.

Currently we are working on a program around the highest point of Ontario on the Ishpatina Range.

The trip would be one week starting in Toronto, the capital of the Province. After a briefing of the trip, students would be given a tour of the Ontario Legislative Buildings, the Ontario Science Centre and the Ontario Museum. Travelling from Toronto to Sudbury, the students will start to prepare for their trip to the top of Ontario with canoe lessons and a briefing by the

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park  staff. Students and the Expedition leaders will take 5 days traveling by canoe through a series of beautiful lakes and eventually hiking to reach the top of Ontario. The educational focus will be about Canada, Ontario, Parks and the environment. 

“Learning comes from the journey.”

We have one simple goal, to give students a learning expedition of a life time. If you are interest in hearing more about our student expeditions email us at .

Remember that we all have mountains in our lives and together we can make a difference, ‘One Step at a Time.”