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Summits for Kids

We have found a number of websites which have some very dynamic graphics and information for kids. Here is a list for you to enjoy!

NRCat’s Scratching Post

A very colourful and interactive site on geography, science, nature, environment and history. Filled with games and quizzes this site has a teachers Kit, postcards and lots more.

Youth Zone Adventure Parks Canada

If you like adventure, history and nature, this site is excellent. From Parks Canada 3-D tours to play and learn topics a very entertaining site.

Polar Continental Shelf Project for Kids Natural Resources Canada

Through the Explorer Sub you can visit the Arctic, learn about geography and animal such as the beautiful Polar Bear. Enjoy the Polar Continental Shelf quiz and what is a Inuksuk?

CG Kids Canadian Geographic

Filled with fun facts to the animal of the month, this wonderful website is filled with awesome games and contests. Be sure to check out the cool wallpapers, love the otter in the pool!

Premier of Ontario Kids Zone

Tour Ontario with Max the Moose, from kids in government, games and even meet the Premier. Check out ‘Campsite 24’ for students and teachers on Ontario Parks. Even the Kids Worlds contains fun and informative places to visit about this great Province.

Great Canadian Geography Challenge

Take the Atlas quiz or take the challenge on of the most popular programs about Canadian geography. Are you up for taking a run at the challenge or even the Nationals? Be sure to check out the Teachers resources or perhaps even quiz yourself.

Canadian Geographic Canadian Atlas On-line Games and Quizzes

Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online Games & quizzes arena. Canadians are renowned for their love of a challenge and their spirit of competition. Have fun demonstrating your knowledge and learning fascinating new facts about Canada from a selection of puzzles, quizzes and crosswords presented for your enjoyment.

Kids Corner Public Health Agency of Canada

With recipes for kids ranging from ‘Ants on a Log’ to ‘Tic-Tac-Toast’ to games and colouring, this fun site is from the Alberta and NWT Region. The Kids word scramble was neat! What body part can you make out of scrambling ‘NOESB’? Give up, check out the site!

Discovery for Kids

Discovery Kids is a new specialty channel for kids six to 12, offering informative and entertaining programming with an emphasis on real-life adventures, nature, science and wildlife. Discovery Kids combines entertainment and education to form an exciting viewing experience that gives kids the opportunity to explore the globe around them. Discovery Kids is a partnership of Corus Entertainment and Discovery Communications Inc.

PBS - Zoom Sci for Kids

Wow, a site by kids for kids, very nice. Check out the very cool areas including Chemistry: Mix it up, Water: Go with the Flow, Life Science: Live it Up and more. There is definitely some very fun projects here. They sure got this site right when they said, ‘Mix Hot Science with your cool ideas.’

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Who else but Discovery Kids would create an extra slimy site with ‘worm world’ and ‘gross and cool body.’ Try their new gross out quiz which explains how the body works, definitely a fun and different way to teach science.

Great Lakes Kids Environment Canada

Filled with fun stuff from homework helpers, videos and tools for the teacher this site is more then a little wet. It is a great site focusing on the Great Lakes with games, quizzes and activities. Was that a fish jumping or what!

Learning Planet

With lots of activities by pre-school to K, 1st to 3rd grade, 4th to 6th grade and 7th grade and up, there is lots of fun and interactive games. Be sure to check out the activities, there is something for every teacher and every student for what ever you like.

Play Kids Games

A very fun site with games to help teachers and students with math, alphabet, memory, vocabulary and geography. Excellent graphics and plenty of fun in this site for kids.

Prime Minister of Canada Fun for Kids

A very fun and informative site about the Prime Minister of Canada. An excellent learning tool for students with some fun games and fascinating pictures especially the one about the ‘Ghosts and Crystal Ball.’ A must for every because you would not believe it you were told, see for yourself and be amazed.

National Geographic GeoBee Challenge

Show you geography smarts on-line with 5 new questions every day. A very informative and filled with questions to make you think, like ‘Arabs from Africa named a large rock Gibraltar as they landed on what large European peninsula?’ Be sure to check out the National Geographic GeoBee challenge mostly for USA schools, but a super challenge for everyone.

National Geographic for Kids

A funny and filled site with games, news, activities and experiments. With a colouring book, the cartoon factory to homework help, this site is very educational and fun!

Confederation for Kids  

This site was written for young people ages 9 to 13 who are learning about how Canada came to be a country. It is also for anyone else who wants to learn more about Confederation.

Environmental Education for Kids

Learn more about the great outdoors with cool stuff, natures notes, our earth and the riddler. The riddler is about….never mind you have to check it out, very fun. Filled with teacher’s pages a great educational site.

CBC for Kids Canada

A very fun site with lots of great inaction for students from hockey, contests, challenges and games.

United Nations Environment Program

Treat your Planet with care and affection

National Film Board for Kids

Three great areas with games and some very cool graphics. Loved the cliposcope where you can create your own animated films just like NFB filmmakers.