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As the world's largest educational Expedition, with hundreds of schools and teachers from across Canada and around the world, the Expedition offers educators a unique and intimate look at Canada from the rare viewpoint of a trans-national mountain expedition.

With over 65 Lesson Plans, 25 videos, a comprehensive Library, plus Live & Interactive Virtual Forum discussions directly linking the climbs to classrooms, this adventure provides teachers and students with a learning experience they will never forget. And ... for a limited time, we are offering full access to ALL of this and more for free. If you would like access to our series of exclusive, unique, and free educational conferences be sure to register today.


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Adventure Learning

We believe that experience is the best teacher, and a teacher's or student's class is no longer confined to just a room in a school. People today, especially students, are learning from more than just books or marks on a chalk board. Multi-media lessons and presentations are now available online, and interactive 'real-world' programs are providing an immersive learning experience for people to learn from.

The Summits of Canada Expedition is a learning opportunity that combines the excitement and adventure of climbing mountains with live presentations and Internet based learning tools. The Expedition takes students and teachers on unique journeys of discovery, exploration and learning. We combine a variety of educational projects and activities for students, and we offer resources for teachers to enhance and enrich their current curriculums.

By sharing the experiences of the expedition as we travel across the country, we also encourage fellow Canadians, and people of different cultures from around the world who are following the expedition, to develop a greater understanding of Canada and what it means to be Canadian. We offer the opportunity for students and teachers who are 'virtual' participants in our journey to communicate and interact with Expedition members. And we also provide the ability to interact and share knowledge with other students and teachers from across Canada and around the world.

It's time to bring us all together, because we truly are all connected. By using Adventure Learning through the experience of the mountains, we can support, enhance and enrich traditional educational curriculums. And by enabling you to see Canada like you've never seen it before, the Summits of Canada Expedition aims to expand your knowledge and connection with the geography and people of Canada and we welcome you to an adventure of a lifetime.

CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team - 2006
"Together We Can Make A Difference - One Step At A Time"