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"Your support makes carrying a 60lb backpack and pulling a 40lb sled that much lighter and we thank you."

James and the Expedition Team

Motivational Talks & Presentations

We all have mountains in our lives. Whether they are at work or at home, with our family or career, or in our business life, we all have mountains. They may not be as remote or as dangerous as Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan, but they can still feel bigger.

The Summits of Canada Expedition will bring together the parallel of climbing mountains 'One step At A Time' to your environment and world. By combining breath-taking photography, captivating story-telling, we will take your audience on an adventure of Canada and a journey of a lifetime.

  · One Step at a Time – the Mountains we climb
  · The Journey to the Top
  · Never stop Exploring

From White Rock in British Columbia to Iqaluit in Nunavut, from Whitehorse in the Yukon to St. Johns in Newfoundland, Canada offers a diversity of people, cultures, geography and mountains like no other country in the world. Summits of Canada is about telling Canadians and the world about Canada, let us share our adventure and tell the story of Canada to you.

To arrange for a Motivational Speaking Engagement & Presentation, please contact Summits Of Canada at:

Summits of Canada Expedition
1358 Stevens Street
White Rock, BC
V4B 4Y1

Phone: +1 (778) 998-8010

CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team - 2006
"Telling Canadians and the World about Canada - One Step At A Time"