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"Your support makes carrying a 60lb backpack and pulling a 40lb sled that much lighter and we thank you."

James and the Expedition Team

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Sending a postcard to the climbing team and sharing your thoughts and ideas or asking questions gives us a chance to hear from you. Your encouraging words make those long days, cold nights and big storms easier when we know you are thinking about us. Visit our Postcard area and send us your favourite picture and a few words. The team will appreciate every card!

To choose and send a Postcard to the Summits of Canada Expedition Team, check out our Postcard area:


Note: the days on the trails can be long and sometimes we won't always have access to an Internet connection. As such, we can't promise to respond to every Postcard we receive, but we will respond to as many as possible and we will try and read every one that comes in. We very much appreciate your support and thoughtfulness for sending us your postcards!

CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team - 2006
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