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"Your support makes carrying a 60lb backpack and pulling a 40lb sled that much lighter and we thank you."

James and the Expedition Team


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The importance of friendship can never be really understood unless and until you share your thoughts and feelings.

An Expedition often consists of a group of friends, acquaintances and sometimes total strangers. But somewhere in the adventure you start to form friendships. We believe in friendships, whether they are people on our rope teams on a glacier, or people we simply meet in the Cities we travel through on our journey. We appreciate your thoughts and support and would like to encourage you to tell your friends about the Summits of Canada Expedition.

You can send a postcard or email the web address for this page to a friend. Think about other groups you belong to - associations, workers, family and your friends. The success of the Expedition includes how effectively we can tell people about our adventure, and when you tell a friend about the Expedition, we know we are making a difference and are doing something right, something good. With your help getting the word out and 'widening the circle' we grow stronger as a Team and as a country, and for this we thank you.


CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team - 2006
"Telling Canadians and the World about Canada - One Step At A Time"