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Support Summits Of Canada

"Your support makes carrying a 60lb backpack and pulling a 40lb sled that much lighter and we thank you."

James and the Expedition Team

Together we can make a difference!

It is through your support and wishes that the Expedition Team gains the strength and ability to climb the highest point in each of Canada’s thirteen Provinces and Territories.

We believe in offering our Expedition learning-programs FREE to schools, teachers, students and the public both in Canada and the world. This is possible with your support in terms of financial contributions, providing equipment, telling your friend, or simply sharing your thoughts and well wishes with the climbing team.

Here are a few ways we can share our experiences with you, and you can support us in the journey.

Sponsor Opportunities

For a package (PDF file) to learn about specific Sponsor Benefits & Opportunities,
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Make a Gift

You may help Summits of Canada Expedition and our efforts to give students a real learning experience about Canada by making a gift donation.
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Motivational talks and Presentations

You can book a motivational presentation with your organization or group that will inform, educate and inspire!
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Send a Postcard

Support the Climbing Team on their quest by sending them a postcard and sharing your thoughts, ideas and questions.
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Tell a Friend

The importance of friendship can never be really understood unless you share your thoughts and feelings. And we have an easy and great way your to share our adventure with a friend.
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Link to us!

If you have your own website, we would love to have you tell visitors to your site about the Summits of Canada Expedition.
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CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team
"Telling Canadians and the World about Canada - One Step At A Time"