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Follow The Climbs - Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador:
Mt. Caubvick, D'Iberville

The Summits of Canada Expedition team will be travelling to Quebec and Newfoundland for their next climb on July 15, 2014.

This will be another exciting climb for the team in some fairly rugged country and will also include some river work at the end after their descent. Located in Parc national Kuururjuaq, and next to the Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada, this summit experiences a range of weather patterns and temperatures.

The Torngat Mountain range used to rival the Himalayas in terms of height before it eroded over the mlllennia, and it contains some of the oldest igneous rocks in the world.

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Newfoundland - Mount Caubvick
Quebec - D'Iberville

Mt. Caubvick & D'Iberville
Torngat Mountains National Park

Summits of Canada team members Len Vanderstar, Laura & Brian Friedrich are departing British Columbia and heading to Montreal on July 15. They then catch a flight to the remote Inuit settlement of Kangiqsualujjuaq on July 16. The team will commence their trek to the base of Mount d’Iberville/Caubvick on July 17/18. Weather permitting, the party of three will make an attempt for the highest shared summit in Quebec/Labrador on July 19 via either the Minaret Ridge or the Koroc Ridge. The climb is a combination of a trek and anticipated 5.2 rock climb with exposure.

Following success in high pointing Quebec and Labrador, the team may conduct other climbs in the Torngat Mountain Range, followed by a paddle down the Koroc River to Ungava Bay, exploring the landscape and wildlife on route. The expedition is planned to be completed as of August 3rd upon return to Kangiqsualujjuaq.

Hazards that the team are prepared for include rocky barren ground, black bears, polar bears, exposure due to inhospitable weather, swarms of biting insects (lots of them), and white water negotiation, all part of travel in the wilderness landscape of the area.

Team progress can be tracked via the "Maps & Route" link (see below).

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Quebec & Newfoundland / Labrador
Torngat Mountains National Park
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