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Follow The Climbs - Alberta: Mount Columbia

The Summits of Canada Expedition began with the first climb on June 25, 2006 with an attempt on Mount Columbia. Though the team was initially unsuccessful, they rallied and came back in August of the same year to complete their first peak.

The team has started 2015 with a return visit to the snow laden slopes of where it all began.

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Mt. Columbia

Enjoying Mount Columbia's Peak and Icefields - May, 2015

Luck would have it that a high pressure air mass moved in to enable the Summits of Canada team of Len Vanderstar, Marc Aymerich, Marta Vegas, Michel and Brigitte Theriault to gain the Columbia Icefield, summit beautiful Mount Columbia @ 11:15 a.m, May 12 and make their way back down the Athabasca Glacier on a six day ski tour.

The uniqueness and wonder of this expanse of snow and ice within the Canadian Rockies warranted a return by the Summits of Canada team. This was the first Mount Columbia ascent by Marc, Marta, Michel and Brigitte and Lenís second ascent.

Observable changes have taken place on the Athabasca Glacier over the past decade (recalling the first ascent of Mt. Columbia by the Summits of Canada team on Aug. 12, 2006) due to climatic warming. A reduction of volume on the glacier was noted.

The Columbia Icefield in general appears to be changing at a lesser rate, but this is likely due to its massive size and elevation (cooler temperature). May is an optimum time to visit the Columbia Icefield since many of the crevasses are snow filled, route finding is easier, and the snow conditions are conducive to skiing and snowshoeing.

Len Vanderstar
Summits of Canada Expedition Co-ordinator.


So Len invited us to a cookout ...
Whaaat? Hey - it's a Canadian thing.
Love the attentiveness of the "maitre-de" tending to his guests!

The peak, so close and yet so far. Pefect weather for the approach.

Enjoying the view atop Mount Columba, the highpoint of Alberta, Canada.
May 12, 2015


Alberta Jasper National Park
Satellite Image


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