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Follow The Climbs - Nunavut:
Barbeau Peak & Ellesmere Island Traverse

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Weather Conditions & Satellite Maps

A number of links are provided below for those wishing to keep tabs on the local/regional weather patterns & conditions that the team is experiencing during the expedition.
Barbeau Peak Weather Forecast (3 - 6 Days)

Click the image below to view the weather forecast for Barbeau Peak at the specific elevation of 2,616 metres.

Click to View Barbeau Weather

To see the weather forecasts for other elevations, use the tab navigation options displayed above the table.

Elevation Forecast Options

For a wider overview of the weather, check out the Weather Map of Nunavut. There's even a "Play" button > you can click to view an animated display of the weather.

Click to view Nunavut Weather Maps
Environment Canada

The map link below provides an animated Satellite graphical representation in Infrared of the weather forecast for the Northern Nunavut region. You can set the animation speed, time period, and even reverse the direction

(Map source: Government of Canada, Environment and Natural Resources)

Northern Nunavut Satellite View (Infrared)
Northern Nunavut Satellite View (IR)
The following map shows the same with visible light cloud cover.
Northern Nunavut Satellite View (Cloud Cover)
Northern Nunavut Satellite View



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