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Before you start your adventure on-line with us here are a few key notes and instructions:

1 -  
This Room is for the use and enjoyment of individuals involved with or interested in the Summits of Canada Expedition. Any person disrupting or abusing the privileges of our open forum through rude comments & behaviour or inappropriate language will be immediately removed from the Room.

2 -   The forums are run by our moderator(s) who have provided a few helpful hints to make everything run smoother:

   - When someone is speaking, please do not interrupt.
   - Your comments and ideas are welcome once the current speaker has finished.
   - By keeping your comments brief more people will be able to participate.
   - Often, the presenter will determine the flow of the meeting. If you have a question, let them know by typing in the
     Text Chat area of the Room. They may answer it there, or will invite you to ask it in a Video Screen when appropriate.
   - Respect other participants and their ideas & opinions, and of course ... Have Fun!

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You can then start text chatting with other participants in the room.

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If you are invited as a Video Participant, choose an available/open screen and click on it (eg. - Login to Send Audio/Video). Macromedia Flash Player will then ask you to allow permission for video and audio; click on "Allow". Note: you can also "right-click" within the video screen area to view other options for your video and audio settings.

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You are now ready to enjoy the power of the Internet with one of
Canada's greatest adventures ever, the Summits of Canada Expedition.