Summits Tip: when using a webcam
with the Virtual Forum, make sure
you have good lighting in the room.

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Live Virtual Forums:
System Requirements

The Summits Of Canada 'Live Virtual Forums' enable individuals to communicate, share and collaborate online in real time. See below for minimum recommended system components.

Note 1: if you can surf the internet and if you can play
music and audio files on your computer, the Virtual
Forum application should work with your system.

Note 2: while the system requirements are quite basic, if you do need to purchase any equipment (eg. - webcams, headsets) in order to use the Forum, please remember to Keep Your Receipts until after you've tested them to ensure everything works properly for you.

First Time Users

Please note that the Flash plug-in is required. In order to use these multimedia communications systems, it's necessary to have the Macromedia Flash Player installed. Your system will most likely have this already, but if not, or if you want to upgrade your Flash Player (free), click the icon below:

Get Flash Player

Internet Connection

The system will work with dialup connections, however high-speed internet connections (eg. - ADSL, ISDN, Cable, etc.) are recommended and will provide better results.


- Internet Explorer v6.0 +, Netscape 4.7 and above, Mozzilla 1.0 +
- Internet Explorer 5.1, and on Mac OSX, Mozzilla 1.0 +

Computer Software Operating System

- Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP Linux/UNIX (does not support Windows ME)
- OS9 and OS X (Mac OS8 and below not supported)


Use a headset with a 1/8th" plug for better performance than a USB headset, especially if you are using a USB webcam.
Some sound cards have more than one output jack. If green and black are both present use the green jack. If there is only one output jack and it's black, use that one. Pink goes into the microphone input jack.
If you are using a webcam and it has a microphone, it is better to use the microphone in a headset rather than the one in your webcam.
A headset with noise-canceling feature is and/or remote volume control is a desirable feature. Plantronics brand headsets are recommended.
Use only a full duplex sound card – this allows you to speak and listen at the same time.
Input/output plugs often have microphone/headset icons on them which you can match to the appropriate jack on you computer.
Assuming you know how to control the volume of sound on your computer, it is recommended that you set the initial play back level at approximately 70% of maximum..


Recommended models: Logitech 3000 or 4000 Pro webcam work well with Mac's, Logitech Pro 5000 works best with PC's
If your webcam has a built in microphone, it is recommended that you use an external microphone/headset for better performance.
If you have both a USB headset and a webcam and you receive a USB error, it means that your computer cannot handle both the headset and web cam at the same time. Use a headset with 1/8th" inch plugs.
Summits Tip: make sure you have good lighting in the room

Computer Hardware

Cross-platform: works with Intel and AMD based PC's as well as Macs.

 Hardware  Minimum  Recommended
 Sound Card  Full Duplex  
 PC Systems  Pentium II and above or AMD K6-2  
 Processor Speed  300 Mhz  800 Mhz+
 RAM  64 Mb  128+ Mb
 Mac Systems  G3  
 Processor Speed  266 MHz  


If you are sure your computer system has all of the necessary requirements above, but find you are having problems accessing/using the Virtual Forum, you may send an email to us at:


In your email, please explain the nature of the problem you are encountering, and provide details about your system: PC or Mac, Operating System, type of webcam, browser, internet connection, etc.