Summits Interactive:
Have you ever wanted to send in one of your ideas for an exciting experiment to one of those cool programs you always hear of?

You know the ones we're talking about, where they go into space or off to some far reaches of the planet and conduct all kinds of wacky and wonderful tests that push the limits and boundaries of human knowledge.

Well, here's your chance! Send us your ideas, and if we use one, we'll share the results with everyone here, online, and even give you the credit for coming up with such a great idea!


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Live Science

During the Expedition, the team will be broadcasting live from the mountains and presenting science projects and experiments. Using our exclusive "Live Virtual Forums" teachers and students will have a chance to watch and even participate in our live science program.

We are inviting teachers and students to submit science projects for the team to conduct on the mountains. If you are interested in submitting a project for the team to conduct, please send us your idea to .

Keep in mind that we are dealing with conditions and topics including: snow, ice, glaciers, altitude, team fitness, breathing, eating, atmospheric pressure, varying temperatures, a variety of gear and equipment, GPS technology and more. If your project is selected, we will tell the world about your class, give you credit, and even send each student an official Summits Of Canada Expedition "Live Science" certificate.

So, put your heads together as a class and be creative. Put your thinking caps on and tell us what you think would be a great experiment to conduct from one of the highpoints of Canada.

The Expedition is more than an adventure, it's a journey that will make science real and live, from the mountains to your classroom.