The Summits
  British Columbia
  New Brunswick
  Northwest Territories
  Nova Scotia
  Prince Edward Island
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The Summits of Canada

The quest for Canada's Summits covers all corners of the second largest and most geographically diverse country in the world, and summit areas range from 466 ft. up to 19,551 ft. Canada's thirteen summits include everything from dangerous peaks, remote locations, rolling hills to world heritage park sites and, combined, they present more challenges than any one single climbing expedition. From day hikes to one month summit bids, the range of skills and logistics makes summiting Canada's high points one of the most difficult adventures in the world. It's time to show Canada from sea-to-sea in a way that exemplifies the incredible diverse beauty of our provinces and territories. It's time "to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world - one step at a time!".

Summits Of Canada Expedition - Canada's Highpoints

British Columbia - Fairweather Mountain Yukon Territory - Mount Logan Alberta - Mount Columbia Saskatchewan - Cypress Hills Manitoba - Baldy Mountain Ontario - Ishpatina Ridge Northwest Territories - Un-named Peak Quebec - Mount D'Iberville Nunavut - Barbeau Peak New Brunswick - Mount Carleton Prince Edward Island - Glen Valley Nova Scotia - White Hill Newfoundland - Mount Caubvick