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Nunavut - Barbeau Peak

Barbeau Peak is the highest peak east of the Rockies in North America. Barbeau is part of the Grant Land Mountains and is located within the confines of 37 800 square kilometer Ellemere Island National Park Reserve. Ellesmere is far and away Canada's most northerly point and Barbeau is one of our most northely mountains. Located only 800km from the North Pole and a scant 100km from the NW coast of Greenland, Ellesmere goes a long way to re-defining the word remote.

One must negotiate deep and long crevasses, razor thin ridges and fight the highly variable weather to achieve Barbeau's summit. Fewer people have summitted this peak than K2 and it is not simply because of its remoteness... it is a challenging climb even for experienced mountaineers.

Barbeau Peak
2,616 metres
8,583 feet
Barbeau Peak, Nunavut
  · Barbeau was first climbed by an Englishman:
  Geoff Hattersley-Smith in 1967

2,616 m, 8,583 f
81° 54' 30" N - 75° 01' 30" W
  81° 54' 53" N - 75° 00' 33" W (as per WGS 84)
340 D15 Tanquary Fiord 34OD
May – June 15 for landing close to summit
June – July for trekking from Hazen
Quttinirpaaq National Park
Fast Facts
CAPITAL: Iqaluit, Nunavut
PROVINCIAL TREE: No official tree
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In Nunavut in the Baffin Region, the Queen Elizabeth Islands (named after the queen in 1953), located in northern part of the Arctic Archipelago, have Ellesmere Island, the worlds tenth largest island. Ellesmere is located in Quttinirpaaq National Park [ kh?t tee neelk p?r násh?n’l p?rk which is the world's most northerly park. Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut, size 37 775 km2, was established as a national park reserve in 1988 and was established as a national park in 1999. Canada's second largest national park, Quttinirpaaq, is located on the northern tip of the most northerly piece of land in North America. Its name means "top of the world" in the language of the Inuit.

The highest point in the Arctic Archipelago and the highest mountain in eastern North America. is Barbeau Peak in the British Empire Range. The mountain was named in 1969 for Dr. Marius Barbeau (1883-1969), a Canadian anthropologist whose researches into the Indian and Inuit cultures helped preserve them from oblivion and gained him international acclaim.

  Barbeau Peak, Nunavut


Fly into Alert bay or Resolute from Edmonton or Ottawa with First Air or Air Canada.

Charter a twin otter which can carry up to 10 people and equipment for a cost of around $30,000 to Ellesmere Island. Land on ice cap (2-3 days to summit) northside and use as base camp or fly into Lake Hazen Camp (65km from summit)

Descent – trek out. Head west 15 km then south heading for Air Force Glacier. About 35 km stay to left side at the bottom. Cross Airforce river heading to Tanquary Fiord (75 km from summit).