Explore Canada’s Highest Peaks and Uncover Its Unique Beauty.

Join us on an unforgettable journey across Canada’s breathtaking landscapes and discover the spirit of adventure!

From scaling the remote Barbeau Peak in Nunavut to paddling through the wilderness of the Northwest Territories, our expedition is filled with thrilling challenges and awe-inspiring vistas.

June 18, 2023


The Summits of Canada Expedition team accomplishes a Canadian First in celebration of Canada’s Sesquicentennial! A decade-long project to reach the highest point in every province and territory has been accomplished atop Barbeau Peak on Ellesmere Island. Learn more about this expedition >>

A June 19th Canadian Geographic article provides more summary details & specs for each of the summits, as well as the original inspiration & motivation behind this uniquely Canadian adventure learning expedition project.

Barbeau Peak

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June, 2023


The Summits of Canada team has set their sights on the most remote location to date: Barbeau Peak at the top of Canada! And by “the top”, we mean the farthest point north. Waaaay up north in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago, a magical land of snow and ice and rock and unique flora & fauna/wildlife and crazy-awesome lights in the sky that deliver up the ultimate light show! Barbeau Peak lies within Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island and is the most northerly tip of North America.

This year’s trip will be the final expedition in the quest to summit each of Canada’s provincial and territorial high-points as the team shares the journey and the experience along the way. This is also Canada’s 150th birthday (Happy Birthday Canada!!), so tune in to follow the team and enjoy the activities of an adventure learning expedition that is uniquely Canadian, eh!

June & July, 2023

Northwest Territories

Summits of Canada team members returned to tackle the highest peak in the Northwest Territories. This third attempt once again included a paddling component from the Flat Lakes area. Did the weather cooperate on this trip? Did Mt. Nirvana (Thunder Mtn.) smile upon the team and reward their persistent and determined efforts?

July & August, 2023

Northwest Territories

Summits of Canada team members head north this time to make a second attempt at the highest peak in the Northwest Territories. This trip will include some paddling down the Little Nahanni and South Nahanni Rivers. Or, then again, perhaps 600 km might qualify as a lot of paddling.
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May, 2022


Summits of Canada team members enjoy another visit to Mt. Columbia in Alberta.
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July & August, 2022

Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador

Summits of Canada team members Len Vanderstar, Laura & Brian Friedrich are departing British Columbia and heading to Montreal on July 15. They then catch a flight to the remote Inuit settlement of Kangiqsualujjuaq on July 16. The team will commence their trek to the base of Mount d’Iberville/Caubvick on July 17/18. Weather permitting, the party of three will make an attempt for the highest shared summit in Quebec/Labrador on July 19 via either the Minaret Ridge or the Koroc Ridge. The expedition is planned to be completed as of August 3rd upon return to Kangiqsualujjuaq.
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July & August, 2022

Northwest Territories

The team turn their attention northward this time to focus on a remote, mystical and challenging climb on Mt. Nirvana in the Northwest Territories. Unpredictable weather is a major factor in this region, so the team will need to be prepared to hunker down when necessary, and also ready to take advantage of any favourable windows of opportunity when available.

May, 2022

New Brunswick, PEI & Nova Scotia

The team carries their quest on over to the eastern boundaries & shores of Canada to the highpoints of the Maritimes. There wasn’t exactly a whole lot of what you would call “climbing” involved with this trip. But the incredible natural surroundings and culture that are distinctly unique to this area of Canada were definitely worth it. And, as usual, the team did manage to find a challenge or two to overcome as well as some unexpected surprises.
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June 3, 2022

Mount Logan, Yukon

The Team of James Coleridge and Len Vanderstar reach the summit of Mount Logan and stand at the Top ‘O Canada – OH CANADA!
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May 25, 2021

Fairweather Mountain, BC

The journey across Canada and to the highest points of every Province and Territory continues with our Expedition to the top of British Columbia – Fairweather Mountain. This will be a very exciting and beautiful climb as James and Len travel from White Rock and Smithers, BC to Whitehorse in the Yukon.
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May, 2021

Mount Logan, Yukon

The Team sets its sights on Mount Logan again for another attempt this May/June. Preparations are well under way to bring another exciting adventure to the students and followers of the expedition … along with fun and interactive new ways to take part! Stay tuned for more details.

June 7, 2021

The Team is reunited, off the mountain, and back in Whitehorse. After an adventurous trip where nasty weather stole the show, the team is preparing to leave the Yukon, head for home, and start sharing many exciting stories of their trip to Mt. Logan with students, friends and family who have been following the expedition.

May 4, 2021

Mount Logan, Yukon

The Team is ready! The world’s largest educational expedition is headed for the world’s largest mountain (in terms of base circumference/sheer size), Mount Logan. Each of the 14 members is now enroute to Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Over the next couple of days the team will begin co-ordinating the hundreds of pounds of gear and equipment and dividing up the loads between each person that will be needed on the climb. Spirits are high and the excitement is building.

And with good reason as this, the biggest climb in the expedition, brings with it many exciting new features that have been developed to enable you to follow the team such as: integration with Live Search Maps including live tracking of the team by GPS; hi-res satellite images of Mount Logan which you can zoom in on and even twist and turn in 3D; regular blogs, photos and audio clips; live video broadcasts right from the site; views of the planned route including a Fly-through preview; relevant educational material and links to lesson plans; current weather forecasts; … and more!

Mount Logan, Yukon

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March 4, 2021

Mount Logan, Yukon

The Team for Mt Logan is almost finalized. Schedules are in place and the painstaking process of organizing gear, food, flights, power and communications equipment, media coverage, route details, Park permits … and more is coming together. Stay Tuned! Next stop for the CanaTREK Team: Mt. Logan and the TOP OF CANADA !

December 1, 2006

Mount Baldy, Manitoba

Schools in Winnipeg and Minnedosa, Manitoba (as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health and Education and even the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba) provide a very warm welcome to the Team as Baldy Mountain was the next Summit to be climbed.

September 27, 2021

Ishpatina Ridge, Ontario

Team CanaTREK Summits Ishpatina Ridge and holds Live Forum event with schools, science center and the Honourable Minister Ramsay. View the Summit Scrapbook.

September 21, 2021

Ishpatina Ridge, Ontario

Team Departs for Ontario to climb Ishpatina Ridge and broadcast online to schools on Sept. 27th.

How it all began …

With Mount Everest next on my climbing goals, I was caught in a storm soloing Europe’s highest mountain in Russia, Mount Elbrus. Little did I know at the time that seeking shelter and comfort in a tent at 15,500 feet with a climbing team from the Ukraine, there would be a bigger mountain to climb in my future!

It was here on Mount Elbrus, where 4 climbers with very little English and a passion in their eyes, did not want to hear about my adventures to Kilimanjaro in Africa or about my climb to the top of North America on Mount McKinley in Alaska. They did not ask or wonder about the beauty of South America … no, they simply wanted to hear about Canada.

They listened for hours as I told them about the mountains in our Canadian Rockies, the beauty of our Maritimes, and the spectacular uniqueness of our Arctic. I described the maple trees in Central Canada changing colour in the fall and the rugged beauty of the West Coast. It was late that night, alone in my tent, and even over a period of months after that climb that I regained an appreciation of our Country. All along, I was looking outside of Canada, at the quest of climbing the ‘Seven Summits’ and Mount Everest and, in doing so, looked past the very country where I was born – Canada. There in a tent on a stormy night in Russia, the ‘Summits of Canada’ was born.

On behalf of our team, sponsors, and supporters, I want to welcome you to an adventure in one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, a place we call home and a country we call Canada. Welcome to an historic Expedition to tell Canadians and the world about Canada, “One Step at a Time.”

James Coleridge

Expedition Leader

CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition is a journey that explores Canada by looking at the people, culture, geography, climate and environment as we climb the highest points of all 13 Provinces and Territories.

Top of Alberta

This remarkable journey began as the expedition team prepared in early June, 2006 to summit Mount Columbia – the highest peak in Alberta, also the second highest peak in the Rockies. After an aborted first attempt due to the unsafe avalanche conditions brought on by unusually extended high temperatures, the team made another attempt (this time successful) in mid-August.

Ishpatina Ridge

The next summit, the Ishpatina Ridge in Ontario, included a long canoe and portage section. Also, the team delivered their first Live Virtual Forum presentation from the summit to Schools and Science Centers across the country and around the world. This was an exciting opportunity for students and followers of the Expedition to learn from and interact with the team using the latest satellite and online video-conferencing technologies.


Embark on an unprecedented journey as the Summits of Canada Expedition achieves a historic milestone by conquering the highest peaks in every province and territory, culminating atop the majestic Barbeau Peak on Ellesmere Island. Experience the thrill of adventure as the expedition team navigates through rugged terrain, braves unpredictable weather, and immerses themselves in the untamed wilderness of the Northwest Territories. Delve into the expedition’s captivating chronicles, offering glimpses into the daunting challenges faced, the breathtaking landscapes traversed, and the indomitable spirit that propels the team forward. Discover that CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition, transcends mere mountain climbing; it’s a profound odyssey that unveils the essence of Canada’s diverse people, rich culture, varied geography, ever-changing climate, and pristine environment.


What is the Summits of Canada Expedition?

The Summits of Canada Expedition is a historic endeavor aimed at conquering the highest peaks in every province and territory of Canada.

What is the significance of reaching Barbeau Peak on Ellesmere Island?

Barbeau Peak marks a historic milestone as it represents the culmination of a decade-long project to reach the highest point in every province and territory, making it a symbol of achievement and perseverance.

How does CanaTREK transcend mere mountain climbing?

CanaTREK goes beyond mountain climbing to explore and showcase the essence of Canada’s diverse people, rich culture, varied geography, ever-changing climate, and pristine environment.

What educational initiatives are associated with the expedition?

The expedition collaborates with esteemed partners like the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to engage in interactive educational endeavors aimed at fostering greater understanding and appreciation of Canada.

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