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Ontario - Ishpatina Ridge

The name "Ishpatina" comes from an Ojibwe language word ishpadinaa, meaning "high place". Spadina Avenue in Toronto is derived from the same word. Ishpatina Peak is the highest point of Ishpatina Ridge. It is the highest point in Ontario. Between 1966 and 1972, Ogidaki Mountain was thought to be the high point, but was found to be 28 m lower than Ishpatina. Before 1966, Tip Top Mountain at 640 m was considered the highest.

The Peak has an 80-foot fire tower. Canoe-accessible hiking trail. Ontario Base map gives heights of two parts of the ridge as South 690+ m and North 677 m

Ishpatina Range
692 metres
2,274 feet
Ishpatina Ridge, Ontario - view from top
  · View of Scarecrow Lake from Ishpatina summit.

692 m, 2,274 f
47° 19' 00” N - 80° 44' 00” W
041 P07 Smoothwater Lake
May – June or September
Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park
Fast Facts
CAPITAL: Toronto, Ontario
PROVINCIAL TREE: Eastern White Pine
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Ishpatina is an Ojibwa term which means "high hill". The highest spot in Ontario, 95 kilometres north of Sudbury, was determined only in 1972 when Ishpatina Ridge, with an elevation of 693 metres, was found to be 28 metres higher than Ogidaki Mountain. The latter, near Sault Ste. Marie, was declared in 1966 to be the highest elevation. Before that, Tip Top Mountain near Lake Superior, at 640 metres, was considered the highest.

The highest point in the Ishpatina Range is located 400 feet within the Sudbury District. On the topographical maps and in discussion with the Parks Superintendent, there are two points which seem to be within feet of one another.

View Map of Ishpatina Ridge Region
View map of Ishpatina Ridge
Ishpatina - Firetower at summit
  · View of Firetower at summit.


Located about halfway between Sudbury and Kirkland Lake, the mountain is not very accessible; the closest highway is more than 50 km away and roads and trails are scarce in the remote area and difficult to travel in poor weather.

Ishpatina Ridge, situated in the heart of Northern Ontario`s Temagami wilderness, is the highest point in the province. It can be a round-trip destination, or the mid-point of a north-south trip through the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park. This, however, requires a vehicle shuttle (about three hours) or a fly-in.